Nationals in Lillehammer

This evening it big-hill nationals here in Lillehammer. I really look forward to compete again. My shape is getting better and better every day so Im ready for todays competition.


Now its been snowing for 9 days and I think this will be a perfect day for skijumping. A lot of snow, no wind and the hill is perfect prepared.



Photo: COC Rena arrangør

COC Rena

This year the COC season starts in Rena, Norway. I have god memories from Rena, as junior I won Jr. Nationals in the big hill.

Rena has been working really hard to get back in the game, and now they got COC competitions.

The last week have been pretty good and Im looking forward to compete and fight this weekend. Ready as i can get!

Sky´s the limit!!


Photo: Fleischmann


Wcup Lillehammer

After a long and hard summer its finally winter and snow. The changes I started doing this summer is starting to pay off now. Im close to do it right technical now. I even got jumps that actually are really good, and more often than before. So after 5 months of fighting im back on track :)

This weekend its World Cup here in Lillehammer, im not competing but im going to use the weekend to train and have a “mental competiton” as a trialjumper. Physical and mental I feel very good, better than ever.

Its a long season and im not in a hurry, but Im ready!

Good luck guys: Andreas Stjernen, Kim Rene Elverum Sorsell, Anders Fannemel, Rune Velta, Ole Marius Ingvaldsen, Anders Bardal, Anders Jacobsen, Tom Hilde, Fredrik Bjerkeengen, Robert Johansson, Mats Bergaard, Daniel Tande and Joachim Hauer!

“Sky´s the limit”


September= the winter is close!

After some months with a lot of training and technical changes, things are finally getting back on track. I have never been this constant over such a long period, physical, technical and mental. Now I just need to use the next months to get the level higher and then im ready :D

This summer has been a lot different, no traveling and only focus on the physical and technical. And im in better shape than ever :)


Learning by doing!

Sky´s the limit!


Summer jumping

Friday 31.05 I did my first jumps this summer here in Lillehammer. I have been travelling a bit from home and to Lillehammer the last month. But now I have moved my stuff up here, and im living here together with Espen Enger Halvorsen.

Last week we had the first ELITE camp, with the A-team and the best guys from the teams in Norway. Im happy about my start this summer, Im able to keep calm and do things step by step. And I have already been able to do high level jump, and the basic is getting better every day.


This week we will jump two days and prepare for the first competition this summer, we are starting here in Lillehammer sunday 16.06.


The Olympic season is Officially started :))


Sky is the limit!!